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Ian Rhind is a semi-retired businessman with a military background, who in October 2007 walked the Kokoda Track (Trail) from Owers' Corner to Kokoda with his son Kristen and a group of other Australians.

It was with some disappointment that there did not seem to be any souvenirs or memorabilia that we could take back with us after completing our trek. We were looking for something that would have relevance to the track and commemorate the efforts of all those soldiers who fought along it and all the way through to the northern coast of Papua New Guinea.

With nothing been available for purchase in Port Moresby, Jackson Airport or Kokoda, Kokoda Track Memorabilia was born. We hope that the items we have chosen and developed in our MERCHANDISE page say something about the efforts you have gone through to walk the Kokoda Track and also to celebrate Australia's military history in Papua New Guinea during World War II.

Ian Rhind with his son Kristen and a villager
Ian Rhind with his son Kristen and a villager

Village on the Kokoda Trek Start of the Kokoda trail Kokoda Trek cemetary Stream along the Kokoda Trek Kokoda memorial View  along the Kokoda Trek

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